A Useful Article About Change in Health Care Settings

Change Management in Health Care Organizations

This article presents a useful approach to thinking about change and transitions in health care.  Robert J. Campbell speaks of many steps in the change process, but I am particularly struck by his discussion of “managing endings” and “managing beginnings.”  We have all heard the phrase, “when one door closes, another one opens.”  What sometimes gets lost in that truism is that it sometimes takes TIME between the closing and the opening of doors.  Friends of mine refer to this period as “hanging out in the dangle.”  It can feel like an abyss, and while sometimes it is a mercifully brief interval, there are times when it is not.  Remembering that this is part of a normal process is key to surviving the “hanging out” period. Having a support system and remembering to manage self-care during this time are also critical survival strategies.  And on the other side, managing the beginning, and setting realistic goals for the new adventure provide a framework for a healthy new start.