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If you don’t know Scoop.It!, check out our Leadership and Change Management Curated news magazine here: http://ow.ly/gyFfR


Courage: An Essential Leadership Trait |

Courage: An Essential Leadership Trait | @scoopit http://ow.ly/gyFoo

Check out Metta Solutions’ expertise in

Check out Metta Solutions’ expertise in Change Management here: http://www.mettasolutions.com/expertise/change-management-page/#.UOeOgaU76fQ

Innovation Excellence | Don’t Fail Fast – Learn Fast

There is a lot of chatter out there about the concept of ‘failing fast’ as a way of fostering innovation and reducing risk.

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Are you Busy at Work, but Still Bored?

Boredom is surprisingly stressful. And when we’re busy, but still bored, it’s even more so. How many of us feel this way? I do, and I suspect you might too. By the looks of it, my own working life should actually be quite exciting.

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