How We View Ourselves and the Work of Health Care

In my personal journey, the degree to which we make assumptions about why we choose our professions, and what it means to “do the work” of healing/caring are subjects of interest these days.  These topics are not something we speak about easily in this profession, and sometimes we find ourselves needing to assess, or reassess, these assumptions.

I have just begun reading a book called Turning Pro, by Steven Pressfield.  He also wrote, The War of Art and Do the Work, which I have not yet read.  I will be reporting back in these pages about my journey through these books and my experience of the work life of physicians in particular and health care providers in general (to the extent I have any knowledge of what it’s like for others).  If you’re interested in either book, check out Steven’s website.  If you have read the book(s), please add your comments as well.



2 thoughts on “How We View Ourselves and the Work of Health Care

  1. The War of Art is one of my all time favorite books! On one level it is a book for writers and other artists about how to overcome creative blocks so they can “do their work”, and on another level it is a book on resistance for everyone who out of fear has ever avoided, put off, or distracted themselves from doing what their heart has been nudging them to do. It’s a great read.

    • Thanks for the note, Eileen. I fall into both groups who would benefit from this book, as you described them. Looking forward to a continued discussion.

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