Deciding to go public with this blog

After spending the weekend familiarizing myself with WordPress and its inner workings, I have decided that the process of keeping the blog “private” until I felt more comfortable is actually pretty cumbersome.  For those of you who have been “invited” to this as a private blog, please let me know if this makes you uncomfortable, and feel free to discuss with me offline.

I received some feedback yesterday that the invitations I sent out recently made some people think I was soliciting donations.  That is most definitely NOT the case – and I apologize if that’s what you thought.  The “contributions” I want are your posts to the blog, and your participation.

Engaging in public conversation about the issues contained in this blog is the whole point of writing in this format, hence my decision to “go public.”

Please join in the conversation!

One’s mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its orginal dimensions.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes ~


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